Family Care

Matches selfless adults with vulnerable children in need of loving care and provide a once abandoned, abused or neglected child with a chance to flourish into a self-sufficient responsible human being.

Currently 4,739 children in foster care and 1,093 child abuse cases are being investigated.

La. Dept. of Children and Family Services, June 2010

Become a Foster Parent

Foster parents provide a ray of hope in a world otherwise shadowed by issues that are dangerous to the child’s well-being. Foster parents are crucial to the welfare of the child, and work closely with other professionals such as teachers, social workers, doctors, and other agency officials. Foster children have critical needs the foster parents provide. These needs are not just food and shelter, but include support, encouragement, reassurance, self-esteem, self-worth, and more importantly love.

Benefits of Becoming a Therapeutic Foster Parent:

  • Fulfilling your desire to parent a child
  • Breaking the cycle of child abuse
  • Give many children their first chance to trust
  • Helping children with some of life’s hardest experiences
  • Enhance your parenting techniques through training and support.
  • Helping a child with emotional or behaviorable problems or medical or developmental problems live a more fulfilling life

Initial Requirements to Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent:

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Live in Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Charles, Jefferson, or St. John Parish
  • Undergo a criminal background check
  • Participate in family assessment interview , plus pre-service and in-service training
  • Have no more than 4 dependents
  • 2 Years of experience in specialized fields or in parenting a child with special needs

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